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The importance of network visibility for IT governance

When the term IT comes around in a corporation, few enjoy hearing of it, unless a computer is broken and needs to be repaired. The rest of the time IT is this unknown entity in the company that keeps computers and networks running without being seen. So it's no wonder that IT governance can be vilified, since they ask for money and resources for a department that doesn't seem to be contributing directly to the success and profit of the enterprise. This is why network visibility for IT governance is so important

Typically,those in charge of the Information Technology department in a company are middle management types, who came from an IT background, and may not have a lot of business experience. This is partly why getting demands to go through may be difficult. There's ways to get things done and resources allocated, and sometimes it's not obvious why IT should get anything more than they already have. This is where visibility comes in. IT governance should make it a priority to let the rest of the company know what IT can do for them. This could be billboard posters that display a list of useful computer related tips, or a comprehensive way to contact IT in case something breaks. It can also be reports, sent to management on a regular basis, detailing what the department has done so far, and how it has helped the bottom line. The point of visibility is to let others know you exist, and that you contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Visibility for IT governance is useful for other purposes as well. As common users become more tech savvy, a lot of employees tend to flirt with the limits of what's permissible with their computers. Whether that's installing unauthorized software, going to sites unrelated to their work, or bringing in unauthorized devices. Instead of clamping down on them, having a visible presence, and clear notices why these things aren't allowed is a better solution. People should know what can happen when a security breach occurs, and how devastating it would be for the company. They should realize that plugging in an infected thumb drive on their work computer may infect the whole network. This all starts with increased visibility, and communication between departments. By having specified people set to display these messages and notices, they become emissaries for IT and help spread the work that the whole department is doing.

Overall, network visibility for IT governance is a crucial part of the day to day activities, and something that's too often ignored, leading to the whole department being ignored by both management and the users, which is never a good thing. By doing these simple steps, you can help your company progress, avoid potential troubles, and ensure IT gets the funds and resources it needs.

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